Tips on How to Clear up Acne

Jun 16, 2013 by

Although having acne breakouts is normal, especially for teens, people can’t still help but search for ways on how to clear up acne. Some are finding ways on how to treat it inexpensively while others really saves enough money so that they can pay for the soothing expensive facial skin care which can be available in most beauty salons. But for those with hectic schedules, and cannot find time to visit any facial salons or dermatologist’s clinic, here are some ways that could help in clearing up your acne. * Avoid squeezing or popping your pimples and also prevent yourself from touching your outbreaks especially with unclean hands. The more you touch or squeeze the puss out of your acne, the more sebum your skin will produce. It will take more time before your...

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Tips For Beautiful Skin

Jun 12, 2013 by

For most ladies, part of the morning and night routines include a skincare regimen of applying creams, lotions, moisturizers, tonics etc. Why do ladies put themselves through this ? They do it fundamentally to battle the signs of aging, to maintain a youthful looks and excellent beautiful skin! It is a safe bet, but however most ladies haven’t put much thought into what is in the products that they are actually using. Some ladies most likely don’t understand that what they are putting on their skin may really be undermining what they are trying to prevent in the first place. In fact, average woman puts 12 products on her skin every day, most of it contain harmful chemical preservatives. Some say that beauty is just skin deep but actually, true beauty is a reflection...

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